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    Wild Game Processing


    Have your wild game sausage made by award-winning sausage makers! At Louie's, we are hunters ourselves and we process each order as if it were our own. 

    We can't make high quality sausage without high quality meat. Please take care of game carefully and cool it quickly if hunting in warm weather. Please use food grade containers to store wild game. Garbage bags contain pesticides and chemicals and are NOT designed for storing food. Thank you!


    Whole Bear Processing – 2023

    Louie’s will offer whole bear processing for the 2023 season. We may need to limit the number of bears we can accept for processing.

    Open 8 AM to 5 PM Daily; 10 AM to 4 PM on Sundays.

    After hours drop-off is available upon request (call for an appointment).

    Wild Game Landline: 715-671- 0122       After-Hours Cell: 715-419-4539        Louie's Main Store: 715-822-4728

    Whole Bear Processing Includes cutting, boning, and wrapping of steaks and roasts to your specifications and straight grinding and packaging of trim. Sausage-making and added beef or pork are additional. You may bring your bear to a taxidermist first if you plan to do taxidermy work.

    Whole Bear Skinning Charge: $50.00

    Whole Bear - under 200 pounds: $125.00

    Whole Bear - 201 to 325 pounds: $150.00

    Whole Bear - 326 pounds or more: $175.00